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Hectares of Development

Q1 2021

Fully Operational


Attendance Expected


Off-Track Betting Centers

Q2 2019

Aggregation of Equine Blockchain

US$ 2.3 Billion

Expected 1st Year Turnover

The Pegasus Ecosystem which facilitates the flow of Pegasus Coins consists of 2 core areas which can be categorized under, “Internal Applications” and “External Applications”, and includes the “Burnback Scheme”.


Pegasus aims to construct the world’s largest cryptocurrency-based integrated facility development in the form of a 113-hectare Horseracing Park based in Kazakhstan.


Yerzhan Durumbetov

Yerzhan Durumbetov


2009-Present, General Director, Neftegazdetal Asia LLP

2008-2012, Managing Director, Seven Rivers Capital JSC

2006-2007, Director, Dostar Simmons Kazakhstan LLP

2004-2006, Head of Marketing & Financial Analysis, Dostar Sauda LLP

2003-2004, Co-founder, Falkon Inc.

Executive Global Masters in Management, LSE

Bachelors in Business Administration, University of Wisconsin

James Kim

Vice President
James Kim

Vice President

2015-Present, CEO of C.L.Pharm Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

2010-2015, CEO of Prime Reach Limited, Hong Kong

2007-2010, CEO of KyungAm USA Development Inc., USA

2009-2010, Vice President of Marina ARISU, Korea

2006-2009, Consultant of Marina Project, Han-River Development Co., Ltd., Korea

Bachelors in Business Admin, California

Saken Sagintayev

Chief Advisor
Saken Sagintayev

Chief Advisor

2012-Present, Managing Partner, KazCapitalGroup

2011-2012, Acting Chairman, Pavlodar Social Entrepreneurial Corporation JSC

2010-2011, Advisor, Caspian Holding, Almaty

2007-2010, Deputy Chairman, Tobol Social Entrepreneurial Corporation JSC

2006-2007, General Director, ETS group, Almaty

2005-2006, Head of Evaluation of Investment Projects, Bank TuranAlem JSC, Almaty

2002-2003, Regional Director, ATF

Vyacheslav Chernyakov

Head of Legal Department
Vyacheslav Chernyakov

Head of Legal Department

2016-Present, Head of legal, Logycom JSC

2016, Head of legal, Antares Platinum LLP, Almaty

2014-2016, Lawyer, Linkage & Mind LLP, Almaty

2006-2014, Head of legal, Caspian Group JSC

2004-2006, Head of legal, Petrocommerce Kazakhstan JSC

2002-2003, Corporate Finance Specialist, Kaspy Bank JSC

1999-2002, Internal Audit Specialist,

Barnaby Andersun

Blockchain Advisory
Barnaby Andersun

Blockchain Advisory

2017-Present, CEO & ICO Blockchain Strategist, BlockAlchemy.io, Singapore

2017-Present, Brand Manager, Ankorus

2013-Present, Ecommerce Specialist, CRMdragon.com, San Francisco

2013-Present, CTO, Brand & Marketing Manager, ResiBids.com, Brisbane

2011-Present, CEO, BrandAloud.com, New York City

2007-Present, International Keynote Speaker, BarnabyAndersun.com

2010-2012, SEO & Social Media Marketing Trainer & Strategist,

Gulmira Bergenova

Advisory board
Gulmira Bergenova

Advisory board

2015-Present, Executive Director and Member of the Supervisory Board of Self-Regulating Organization of Betting and Lottery Operators of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2013-2018, Member of the Mazhilis, Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2013-2015, Chairman of the Directorate of the

Irina Davletshina

Chief Accountant
Irina Davletshina

Chief Accountant

2006-2012, Chief Accountant, Seven Rivers Capital JSC, Almaty
2006, Chief Accountant, Real-Invest.kz, Almaty
2003-2006, Head of Accounting Equity Funds, NPF Kazakhstan, Almaty
1999-2003, Accountant, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, Almaty
1997-1999, Inspector of Contract, Government Security Agency, Almaty

Bachelors in


  1. Q1 2019

    - Official Launch of Pegasus Coin Sale

  2. Q2 2019

    - Pegasus ICO successful conclusion. PEG listing on international cryptocurrency exchanges

  3. Q2 2019

    - COMPLANT Begins construction

  4. Q2 2019

    - Completion of Equine Registry Blockchain platform and commence Aggregation of Equine Blockchain participants

  5. Q2 2019

    - Actualization of PegasusPay in an all-in-one flashpay payment wallet

  6. Q4 2019

    - Completion of analytical tools for horse price arbitraging

  7. Q1 2020

    - Pegasus blockchain systems fully operational

  8. Q1 2021

    - KHP commences operations

  9. Q4 2022

    - Opening of luxury Hotel & Casino arm

  10. Q1 2026

    - KHA seeks listing on NYSE and LSE.


Project owners obtained licensing from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and engaged GBGC in the completion of a feasibility study of which they forecasted the project’s first annual turnover at over $2.3 billion USD.


– An Independent Appraisal Report led by CBRE valued the project scale & site at $53.5 million USD.
- JRA Facilities Co. Ltd. reviewed and projected annual sales of the racecourse to be US$176.4 Million.

August 2013

–Signed ‘Service Agreement for Design’ to permit the designing of KHP provision of consulting and support services in connection with construction and operation of the KHP.

September 2013

Obtained ‘Permissions for Construction’ from the relevant authority in Kazakhstan

July 2014

Announces KHP project fund raising strategy of an initial series funding (minority share) followed by funds raised through Initial Coin Offerings (majority share).

June 2015

Secures 3 million in seed funding from private investors.

Jan 2016

Secures 7 million in series A funding from private investors.

July 2016

Rigorous testing of blockchain system

February 2017

Pre-alpha blockchain development template implemented

Read More

July 2017

Kazakhstan government approval of Cryptocurrency-Based KHP Development

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May 2018


  • 60% Token Sale
  • 20% Future Reserve
  • 10% Founding Team
  • 7% Marketing and Promotions
  • 2% Advisory
  • 1% Bounty

60% Token Sale

Used to conduct Private Sales, Pre-Sales, and Public Sales.

20% Future reserve

Reserved for all master nodes qualifiers as reward for Proof of Validation.

10% Founding Team

Founders will be fully vested within 7 years, first 2 years lock-up period, 3rd year onwards 20% annual release.

7% Marketing & Promotions

– Various marketing initiatives and promotion packages to promote Pegasus COINS.

2% Advisory

Will be allocated to the advisors and partners collaborating with the Pegasus COIN. There will be a lock-up period of 3 months upon the completion of the ICO.

1% Bounty

Will be distributed via our Bounty Program as rewards for marketing initiatives.

*Any unsold tokens are burned.


  • 75% Park Developmental Costs
  • 20% Blockcchain Application Development
  • 2% Reserves
  • 2% Legal
  • 1% Marketing and Sales

75% Park Development Cost:

This covers the necessary costs incurred for the build-up of the entire park. It includes infrastructure costs, staffing, outsourcing, management and other related expenses.

20% Blockchain Application Development:

will be used for research and development, including the hiring of additional development team and funding operations costs.

2% Reserves

is reserved for future events to serve as cash flow for smooth running of operations.

2% Legal

is reserved for legal costs and counsel.

1% Marketing and Sales

Marketing costs will be expended for direct marketing. Costs will largely be incurred by brick-and-mortar marketing, event marketing, online-marketing in the applicable entertainment markets.

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Bloconomics 2018 Kuala Lumpur

Korea Blockchain Summit 2018

Blockchain Innovation Forum


Bloconomics 2018 Kuala Lumpur

16th – 17th August 2018

Korea Blockchain Summit 2018

12th – 13th July 2018

Blockchain Innovation Forum

19th July 2018


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